About Us

ThornCo was established in 1996 as a specialty contractor. Our goals are simple: to develop a reputation of excellence among demanding general contractors and building owners by completing projects on a timely basis, at reasonable rates, while offering the highest quality available in the industry.

ThornCo, LLC is one of the top framing and drywall contractors within the southern region with four divisions within the company portfolio: ThornCo’s metal wall panels and light-gage metal trusses, ThornCo’s drywall, ThornCo’s Stucco and ThornCo’s water management.

ThornCo’s metal wall panels and light-gage metal trusses division handle complete engineering, fabrication, transportation, and erection of load bearing wall systems and light-gage metal trusses. This division has performed work as far north as Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, east to Fort Myers, FL, west to Midland, TX. International work includes the Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica where materials were containerized for exporting, and then upon delivery to the job site, crews were dispatched from the United States to complete the erection phase.

ThornCo’s drywall division is proud of having many supervisory personnel with years of experience within the company. This core of experience and knowledge is invaluable in meeting the demands and expectations of the marketplace it serves.

ThornCo’s plastering division is a full service stucco and plastering company working on both large and small projects throughout the southern region.

ThornCo’s water manage division is the common tie to all other divisions. This division reviews plans, consults on plan details where water infiltration could occur, and most importantly assists with field inspections insuring the building envelope is water tight.

ThornCo helps their clients transform their projects into an end product that encompasses all their ideas with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art materials and applications on the market today.